The Number Of Indians Increasing In England The Population Figures Surprised One In 6 Indian Citizens In The UK

Indians In England: The recent figures of the 2021 census report in England have shocked. The data showed that one in six citizens of the total population of England and Wales is Indian. Statistics show that about 10 million residents of England were born outside the UK. The number of residents of England and Wales born in India has registered an increase of 1.5%. According to the data released, the population of Indians is highest in England and Wales as compared to other countries.

A Times of India report said, “The number of residents of England and Wales born in India increased from 6,94,148 in the 2011 census to 9,20,361 (1.5% of the general resident population) in the 2021 census. Is.”

The 2021 Census shows that of the 59.6 million (approximately 60 million) residents of the country in England and Wales, 49.6 million (83.2%) were born in the UK and 10 million (16.8%) were born outside the UK. Were. There has been an increase of 2.5 million (2.5 million) in non-UK citizens compared to the 2011 Census and has now reached 7.5 million (7.5 million) who were born outside the UK. In 2021, the population of people born in the EU was 3.6 million (3.6 million) and the remaining 6.4 million (6.4 million) were born outside the EU. The number of citizens of non-UK countries in 2021 was the same as in 2011, with India at number one, followed by Poland and Pakistan at number three.

The people of America and Jamaica are not much in England

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Romania, Ireland, Italy, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Germany and South Africa were among the nationals of non-UK countries living in England in 2021. Whereas the citizens of the top 10 non-UK countries are no longer citizens of the US and Jamaica. In 2021 non-UK passport holders were Polish (760,000, 1.3%), Romanian (550,000, 0.9%) and Indian (369,000, 0.6%) the three most common nationals. International Migration, England and Wales: Census 2021 data shows Romania had the largest increase in residents born outside the UK, followed by India and Poland.

Most people from other countries live in London

London has the largest number of people born outside the UK and is a place with non-UK passport citizens. In 2021, 4 out of 10 (40.6%) citizens in London were born non-UK and more than 1 in 5 (23.3%) held a non-UK passport. Of the top 20 local officials with the highest proportion of non-UK passport holders, 15 were in London. The top three were in the City of London (34.0%), Westminster (33.6%) and Newham (33.3%). Outside London, Cambridge had the highest proportion of non-UK passport holders.

The whole graph of population has changed

Census officer John Roth-Smith said, “The census presents a picture of how the entire population graph has changed over the past decade. We have suffered the corona epidemic in the past decade and we still live with it today.” He noted that, although these events may have an impact on people’s decisions or ability to emigrate or travel at a given time, Romania has the highest number of people living here in March 2021 compared to March 2011. While there has been an increase in population in England due to migration from India, Pakistan and Poland as well as southern European countries like Italy.”

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