Thailand A Man Walks 1000 Km With 2 Daughter In Searching Of Job From Satun To Rayong City

Thailand: In this era of competition, getting a good job is no less than a challenge. Sometimes, despite having the qualification, proper job is not available. One such case has come to light in Thailand, in which a 47-year-old man had to walk about 1000 kilometers in search of a job. He covered this journey with his two daughters in about 11 days.

In his journey, the man and his daughters took shelter at temples and petrol pumps to sleep at night. According to the report of The Thaiger, Noraphat of Thailand is 47 years old. He was looking for a job to support his two daughters, but the area where Norafat lived did not have a suitable job for him. Because of this, Norafat went out in search of a job on December 11 with his two daughters. Norafat had left Satun City for Rayong City, a distance of about 1,140.1 km, in search of a job.

Took shelter in temples, petrol pumps

Due to lack of money and no vehicle with him, Norafat had to walk from one city to another. He reached Rayong City on 22 December. During this, he covered a distance of about 1000 km in 11 days. Moving from city to city, Norafat and her two daughters, aged 10 and 12, took shelter in temples, petrol pumps and shelter homes.

News Reels

In his journey, Norafat met Sarawut Poomarin, who is associated with the Daeng Rescue Team. This rescue team helps the destitute people. Saravut informed the media that a bike rider had sought help for this family, he had given information about this family walking on the road.

used to work in a restaurant

Sarawut told that he had seen Norafat and his two daughters sitting in front of a shopping mall in Pluak Daeng district. After this, he met Norfat and got him a job at the construction site. Along with this, he also helped Norafat’s family with a room to live and a school for both the daughters to study. According to information, Norafat used to work in a restaurant in Satun city, from where he lost his job after a few days. Apart from this, his wife also separated from him. After this Norafat started living at his sister’s house, but was unable to walk home without a job. Because of which he went out in search of a job.

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