Taliban is extending the hand of friendship towards India, is there a conspiracy of deception on the other side?

The Taliban government of Afghanistan has surprised the whole world by making an announcement on 30th November. Taliban said that India can restart its stalled projects in this country. On the other hand, when Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan i.e. TTP has opened a front against Pakistan in India’s neighboring country, in such a situation, Taliban’s invitation to India is saying a lot.

Actually, on November 28, Mufti Muzahim, the defense chief of TTP, through a letter announced the end of the ceasefire against the Pakistani government, and a day later, the world smells a conspiracy in the positive attitude of the Afghan Taliban towards India. is.

Former officials of the intelligence department of this country have also warned India about Taliban extending a hand of friendship towards India. He says that Taliban-ruled Afghanistan may improve relations with India, but it should not neglect its security at any cost. In such a situation, the question arises that what does the Taliban want from India? 

Why is Taliban taking interest in India?

quoted as saying, "India is expected to resume work on at least 20 projects in several provinces of the country.

MUDH spokesperson Mohammad Kamal Afghan also said," These projects were implemented during the previous government but got delayed due to political changes or other issues. They are now interested in restarting these projects." Actually India built the Afghan Parliament in Kabul for $90 million. A block in this building is named after former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee.


During this, Acting Minister Nomani said, "Indian businessmen can invest in the urban and residential sector, especially in the New Kabul City project." Numani continued, "India has worked on some projects in Afghanistan in the past, some of them remained incomplete due to non-payment." He also asked the Government of India to clear its stand regarding the incomplete projects.

During this meeting, Afghan minister Maulvi Hamdullah Nomani Appealed to the Indian Deputy Ambassador to contribute to upskilling and enhancing the skills of Afghan engineers in the civil and urban development sector. for Sought to provide scholarships to Afghan nationals for master’s and PhD degrees.

If the report of TOLO News is to be believed, MUDH said that India’s Charges the Affair Kumar has shown interest in improving relations and resuming Delhi’s projects in Afghanistan. This was stated by Deputy Ambassador Kumar during a meeting in Kabul with Afghanistan’s Minister of Urban Development and Housing Hamdullah Nomani. 

Afghan residents, newspapers, economists also have hope

According to TOLO News, economists in Afghanistan believe that the resumption of projects will increase job opportunities here and boost development in the country. Daria Khan Bahir, an Afghan economist says,"The restoration of these projects can also generate employment opportunities for the people and increase the income of the Afghan people and bring Afghanistan out of political isolation."

What is India’s stand?

India’s Charges the Affair (Deputy Ambassador) Bharat Kumar said that Afghanistan’s MUDH ministry can share information about all the mentioned projects. He requested the Government of India to solve their problems and make all the projects ready for use  Will message. He further added that he has received some information about the new Kabul project and that Will definitely talk to Indian investors about them. 

Actually, after the Taliban came to power in August 2021, India had to stop all its projects in Afghanistan. After this India set up its embassy here.  was closed. This embassy here  Started working again a few months back. However here in India there are still concerns about security issues. recently hereIslamic State terrorists targeted several civilian projects, religious sites and the Russian embassy.

India’s Project in Afghanistan

Actually Before the Taliban government came to power in Afghanistan, India had invested about three billion dollars in development and capacity building projects here had invested. Important projects in Afghanistan with Indian assistance include 42 MW (42MW) inaugurated the Salma Dam. it  Known as the Afghan-India Friendship Dam.

Other high-profile projects here include the 218-km Zaranj-Delaram highway built by the Border Roads Organization of India. Zaranj is a place close to Afghanistan’s border with Iran. India has also built the Afghan Parliament in Kabul for $90 million. In 2016, President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Store Palace opened after renovation in Kabul. It was built at the end of the 19th century.

India has also built an important hospital in Kabul. Earlier India has been helping here by developing human resources, training professionals and offering a large number of scholarships and admissions to Afghan students to study in India. Most of the Indian projects started here are going to benefit the people which are in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Their aim was to make it a self-sufficient country.  India has launched the Air Freight Corridor and Chabahar Port to enhance regional connectivity with Afghanistan.

At present  India has been extremely concerned about the humanitarian conditions in Afghanistan. This is the reason why India has also given humanitarian help to Afghanistan.  These include 40,000 metric tonnes of wheat as well as about 50 tonnes of medical aid of essential life-saving medicines. In this  TB drugs, 500,000 doses of Covid vaccine, essential medical and surgical supplies and 28 tons of other disaster relief supplies.

Former Afghan intelligence warns

Former intelligence chief of Afghanistan Rahmatullah Nabil has warned India about this country.  He says that India needs to be extremely careful in its friendship with Afghanistan. He should be careful about his security, because the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations have made their home in this country.

These include Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, who carried out terrorist incidents in India’s Jammu and Kashmir. In an interview to The Hindu newspaper, Nabeel said that the Taliban government  Talking with was necessary, but the Government of India should also keep in touch with the old leaders of this country.

India refused to grant him a visa in the year 2021 due to security reasons. This was mentioned by Nabil during a conference of anti-Taliban Afghan leaders from the US and the European Union. He has been an eyesore of the Taliban for his good and friendly relations with India. 

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