Taliban Cut Off Hands Of 4 People In A Football Stadium Afghanistan

Afganistan: The Taliban is known for its brutal punishment. Cases of Taliban punishment continue to emerge from Afghanistan. Once again a similar case has come to the fore. In fact, on Tuesday, nine people were punished by the Taliban in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Out of which the hands of four people were cut off.

If media reports are to be believed, nine people were punished in public in a football stadium in Kandahar, out of which the hand of four youths was chopped off for stealing. Along with this, the remaining five people were whipped. They were accused of having an illegal relationship. At the time when these accused were being punished, hundreds of spectators were present in the stadium, in front of whom this Taliban punishment was given.

If media reports are to be believed, about 38 lashes were inflicted on the youths who indulged in illegal relations. During this his screams were heard by all the people present in the stadium. Please tell that this type of punishment is not a new thing in Kandahar. Many such cases have come to the fore since the Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Taliban’s logic behind such punishment

The Taliban believe behind giving such a punishment that it will create fear in the minds of the people and they will be afraid of doing wrong things. The Taliban has already said publicly that it will continue such punishments in the future, so that people think a thousand times before doing wrong.

Such cases have also come before

The first Taliban-like public floggings since the Taliban takeover last year were carried out on 11 November, when 19 men and women were flogged 39 each for alleged theft, adultery and running away from home. .

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