Taiwan Will Not Afraid Of Chinese Know All About W-99 Missile New Taiwan Missile

Taiwan Cruise Missile: China had recently warned of an attack on Taiwan. China has been showing eyes to everyone in the world. China also had a clash with the Indian Army. India has successfully tested the Agni-5 missile at its place. After this, now the former head of Taiwan’s Research Unit has made a big disclosure. He has told that Taiwan has made a supersonic cruise missile. With the help of cruise missile, he can attack up to 1 kilometer.

This missile is so capable that it can attack directly from Taiwan to Beijing. This missile has been made by National Chunk Shan, a weapon-making company in Taiwan.

Made under Yun Feng Project

This missile has been made under Taiwan’s Yun Feng project. This missile is capable of attacking at a supersonic speed of Mach 3. Its speed is so fast that it will not be easy to intercept it. The super sonic missile was earlier only with America and Russia. Former President Li Teng was behind the making of this missile.

The project was stopped in the middle
This project was stopped in the middle. Taiwan’s army did not believe that the institute could also make cruise missiles. However, Shui Bian, who became president after Li, visited the institute again during his tenure and approved the project. Taiwanese leader Yu Si Koon also said in his online speech, this missile can attack up to 1000 kilometers.

warned China
Yu said, ‘Taiwan will not attack China, but before attacking Taiwan, China has to pay attention that Taiwan can target Beijing. He disclosed, the mass production of this missile has now officially started.

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