Taiwan Reveals Chinese Military Spy Balloons Fly Frequently Into Its Airspace Preparation For Possible Invasion

Taiwan Reveals Chinese Military Balloons: The debate about China’s spy balloon has intensified all over the world. The fighter jet of the US Army has once again shot down a flying object over Lake Huron on 12 February. Meanwhile, Taiwan also revealed that Chinese military balloons have been seen flying in its airspace several times. Tanwan alleges that espionage is being done through these balloons.

Taiwan fears that dozens of balloons are being used to collect data in preparation for a possible invasion.

Dragon preparing to attack Taiwan?

According to a Financial Times report, Taiwan has seen dozens of Chinese military balloons flying over its airspace in recent years. A senior Taiwanese official claimed that Chinese balloons often intruded into their airspace. This happened a few weeks back as well. Another official with knowledge of the matter said that such infiltration is happening on an average once a month. Taiwan’s concern has increased that Beijing may be preparing to attack the country.

Balloons seen several times in Taiwan’s airspace

Earlier, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry had confirmed only one incident in February last year, in which several Chinese balloons in four batches were roaming in the northern region of the country. Taiwanese government officials said Chinese balloons seen in Taiwanese airspace typically fly at an altitude of about 20,000 feet, much lower than those in the US, and are made of a different material. Other countries, including Japan and the Philippines, have seen balloon incursions into their airspace, but their governments have given little information about it.

China’s military balloon program

Balloons seen in Taiwan’s airspace point to China’s extensive military balloon program. Earlier this month, the US shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina that attracted global attention. Some media reports said that the People’s Liberation Army is strengthening the capabilities needed to invade Taiwan. China tells Taiwan its share. In such a situation, there is a long-standing danger of occupying Taiwan with military force.

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