Syria-Turkey Earthquake Doctor Said Condition Is Worst Than Russian And Syrian Bombing During The Country’s Conflict | Syria-Turkey Earthquake: The morgue became a place to sit in the hospital, said the Syrian doctor

Syria-Turkey Earthquake: Doctor Mohammed Zeitoun from Aleppo, Syria, has spent years treating the wounded in the Syrian war, but the number of wounded and their injuries after Monday’s devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria (6 February) Told serious The 34-year-old surgeon from Aleppo said, “It is a great disaster. I survived the shelling and survived the massacre. This is completely different and terrible.”

There are traces of earthquake from Syria’s border to Turkey. A hospital in north-west Syria is in an area where Russian and Syrian bombardment killed thousands during the conflict.

“The medical team proved to be too weak in the face of the first huge number of patients,” said the surgeon. The outpatient clinic has been converted into a ward and a room full of victims and distraught family members.

500 victims come every day

Zeitoun said that there has been a gradual decrease in the number of people injured by the shelling and aerial bombardment, but 500 victims are coming every day because of the earthquake. Dozens of operations are needed for this. Teams of doctors are working to treat people brought to the hospital with severe head injuries, multiple fractures, spinal fractures, organ failure and crushing injuries. “Many of the injured die within an hour or two of trauma shock, heart attack or excessive bleeding, especially when the weather is cold and they are buried under the rubble for eleven or twelve hours,” he said. Are.

courtyards were converted into temporary morgues

The courtyards of some hospitals in areas devastated by the earthquake in Syria have been converted into temporary morgues. Here the dead are kept in queues and people search for their relatives and take them for burial. The earthquake has destroyed families and neighborhoods.

In the town of Besnaya, near Aleppo, 150 families were killed, and in the town of Jandaris, more than 89 buildings collapsed, killing hundreds. Zeitoun said hospital emergency teams are running out of antibiotics, surgical supplies, blood bags, bandages and drips because of the closure of the Turkish border.

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