Syria Devastating Earthquake Syrian Ambassador To India Bassam Alkhatib Appealed To People Of India For Help Quake Victims

Syria Devastating Earthquake: Along with Turkey, a devastating earthquake has caused great devastation in Syria as well. Hundreds of houses were razed to the ground in a few moments in the severe earthquake that occurred on February 6 and thousands of people lost their lives. A large number of people in Syria are affected by the disaster. According to the UN, about 5.3 million people may be rendered homeless. Meanwhile, Syria’s ambassador to India, Bassam Alkhatib, while addressing the media, has also appealed to the common people of India for help. Although the Government of India is already helping in the relief and rescue work.

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria has killed more than 24 thousand people. In Syria alone, more than four and a half thousand people have died so far.

Appeal for help from the people of India

Syrian Ambassador to India Bassam Alkhatib informed about the situation in his country during a press conference in Delhi. He expressed his gratitude for the help given by the Government of India after the earthquake. Also urged the people of India to help. He said, “Thousands of people have died due to the earthquake. We appeal to the people of India for help.

Demand to remove ban from western countries

He further said that this aid can be delivered to the embassy and ambassador of Syria. People of India should donate essential items for the earthquake victims. Apart from money, things like medicine, blankets, winter clothes, tents are also needed. Hopefully, soon we will be able to receive donations through bank accounts as well.” Syrian Ambassador to India Bassam Alkhatib also said that the sanctions imposed on Syria by western countries for a long time should be removed.

help earthquake victims

The Syrian government has mobilized all its forces to meet the challenges and reach out to the earthquake victims, providing them with shelter and essential supplies. Also appealing for help from other countries. Even before this, he had urged the people of India to send essential goods for the earthquake victims. In Turkey and Syria, many countries of the world including India are engaged in relief and rescue work.

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