Suspended Twitter Accounts Journalists Will Restart Musk Decided After Twitter Poll

Elon Musk Will Reinstate Twitter Account: Tesla and Twitter owner Elon Musk said late on Friday (December 16) that he would restart the suspended Twitter accounts of several journalists. Many accounts were accused of endangering Musk’s family, after which he was suspended. Musk was also warned by the European Union and the United Nations after the New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post suspended the accounts of more than half a dozen prominent journalists.

Musk wrote on Twitter, ‘The public has given the answer. The suspension of accounts that docked my location will now be lifted. Musk conducted a Twitter poll asking whether he should activate the suspended accounts now or after a week. 3.69 million people took part in this poll and gave their answers. About 59 per cent of them said that they should start the accounts now.

What did the former journalist tweet

Former Vox journalist Aaron Rooper has tweeted – Some suspended accounts have been activated again. Thanking people for their support, Rupar tweeted – I was initially very disappointed about the account being suspended, but soon I realized it would be okay because I know people connected online.

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when did the controversy escalate

The controversy escalated when Musk on Wednesday suspended the @elonjet account that tracked the flights of his private jet. Musk said that a car carrying his children in Los Angeles was chased by a maniac. Musk suspended the account blaming the tracking of his jet for this incident.

What was Musk’s complaint

Some journalists had reported on the matter, which included tweets linked to the suspended @elonjet account. Musk had feared the coordinates of the murder against himself and the family. In a live chat on Twitter, Musk did not provide any evidence for his claim. However told some suspended journalists that everyone is being treated equally on Twitter… You are not special because you are a journalist.”

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