Suella Braverman Facing Criticism From The Opposition And Refugee Advocates For Saying Refuges Called Intrusion

Suella Braverman: Britain’s Home Minister Suella Braverman called infiltration on the border to increase the number of refugees reaching the country’s beaches. For this, she is facing criticism from the opposition and the advocates of refugees. The Indian-origin minister told Parliament on Monday evening that illegal migrants were “out of control” in the country.

Suella Braverman said that a large number of people are arriving through the English Channel in small boats, making it impossible to make arrangements for everyone’s accommodation. His statement came after a violent incident of petrol bombs being hurled at a refugee center on England’s south coast over the weekend.

Serious to stop refuges

Britain’s Home Braverman said in the House of Commons, the lower house of the British Parliament, “The British public deserves to know which party is serious and which is not in stopping the refugees on our southern coast.” Said, “Around 40,000 people have reached the south coast this year. Many of them are members of criminal gangs, so should they be stopped assuming they are all refugees in trouble? The whole country knows that this is not right.

His junior minister in the Home Department, Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick, defended his statement, saying Braverman was right about the large number of refugees. He said that explaining to people the crossing of the English Channel as infiltration shows the gravity of the challenge and that is what Braverman was trying to convey.

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The opposition party alleged

The opposition Labor Party accused the Home Minister of using provocative language, and the Scottish National Party said that “such language mocks Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s claim of using compassion for the welfare of the people”. Britain’s Refugee Council has also condemned Braverman’s language.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s decision to appoint Braverman as Home Minister was questioned, but Sunak stood by his decision. Braverman resigned from Liz Truss’s cabinet from the same position.

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