Story Behind Hacking Of Elon Musk Twitter Account Bhojpuri And Hindi Tweets Went Viral | There was a lot of social outcry over the hacking of Elon Musk’s Twitter account, Bhojpuri’s tweets also went viral

Elon Musk Fake Twitter Account: Suddenly all the tweets started happening in Hindi and Bhojpuri from Elon Musk’s Twitter account. People also retweeted them a lot. Tweets like this, which make people laugh. When strange tweets started appearing continuously, then the interest of the people increased. People started following it fiercely. It had 97.2K followers just before the account was suspended.

Various types of tweets were being made from this account created in the name of Elon Musk. Although all these tweets fit completely on the latest situation, but the question is arising that whose account is it? All the news channels were also confused about this. Actually, Twitter user @iawoolford has changed the name of his account to Elon Musk.

This person confused people

News Reels

All this confusion is due to Twitter user @iawoolford. Who has changed his name on the platform to Elon Musk. Not only this, the user has put the same DP and cover photo, which is on the official Twitter handle of Elon Musk. However, there was something very different in both the accounts, which could not be changed technically.

Many tweets were made from this account. After reading this tweet, you too will not be able to stop yourself from laughing. “This time the broom will run! The account became a topic of discussion among the people by tweeting like, “Yeh Bick Gayi Hai Chidiya” will hit the corrupt Twitter.

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