Spy Balloon Row Unidentified Object Over Canadian Airspace Canada PM Justin Trudeau Said About Shot Down By Fighter Jet

Unidentified Object Shot Down in Canada: After America, air threat was also seen in Canada. America’s fighter jet has shot down a flying object after penetrating the air space. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has disclosed this. Justin Trudeau said on Saturday (February 11) that on his orders an unidentified flying object was shot down in Canadian airspace.

A week before this operation, on February 4, America had shot down a Chinese spy balloon with a missile through a fighter jet.

Canada shot down a flying object

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau tweeted, “I ordered the downing of an unidentified object violating Canadian airspace. Justin Trudeau said he spoke to US President Joe Biden regarding the latest intrusion. North American Aerospace Defense Command downed flying object over Yukon. Canadian and American aircraft were scrambled and a US F-22 successfully engaged the object.”

America shot down a Chinese balloon

A day before an unidentified flying object was shot down in northwestern Canada, US officials said they shot down an object flying at 40,000 feet above Alaska. The operation comes a week after the US military shot down an alleged Chinese spy balloon on February 4, triggering a fresh diplomatic rift with Beijing.

A Chinese spy balloon was seen over the US nuclear site, which was shot down by the Biden administration on 4 February. America accused China of gathering intelligence through Balloon, while China called it a civil balloon and said that it was only for meteorological research work.

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