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South Korea Covid: After wreaking havoc in South Korea, now the daily cases have started decreasing. Corona cases have decreased in South Korea for the third consecutive day. Less than 60,000 Kovid cases were registered here on the third day. A total of 56,954 new cases were reported in South Korea on Friday. Meanwhile, the Korean government has imposed strict restrictions on passengers.

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency confirmed on Friday that 56,954 new coronavirus patients, including 258 foreign infected, have been found in the country. With this, now the number of Kovid positives in the country has increased to 29,420,226.

three consecutive days of decline
More than 80,000 cases were being reported daily in South Korea at the beginning of this week, but it has been steadily declining for the last three days. Compared to a week ago, there has been a decline of about 12 percent in Friday’s corona figures. At the same time, 75 people have died due to corona in the country, due to which the death toll has now increased to 32,496. The death rate in South Korea is 0.11 percent.

Strictness on China
The number of seriously ill patients in the country decreased from 571 on the previous day to 548. Along with this, South Korea has tightened the quarantine rules on the entry of foreigners in view of the recent surge in Kovid infection in China and other neighboring countries.

South Korea has made the negative test report of Corona necessary for passengers coming from China. This decision has been taken in view of the rapid spread of infection in South Korea as well. Apart from this, it will be mandatory for passengers coming from Hong Kong and Macau to show negative test report of Corona from Saturday. The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said that out of 258 foreign Kovid infected on Friday, 208 were from China. This is 80.6 percent of foreign patients.

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