Solar Flare: Sun rocked by explosion, 1 lakh hydrogen bomb-like blast occurred on the surface, know what is the reason

Solar Flare: The sun is the only source of energy in our vast solar system. Recently, the largest solar flare has been seen rising on the surface of the sun in the last four years. The Space Weather Prediction Center said that "AR 2838" The explosion occurred from a sunspot called AR 2838 is believed to be the biggest solar flare explosion in four years so far. It has been officially placed in the category of X1.5. This is being seen as a new solar cycle.
Sunspot was present in the north-west of the sun. There is also a possibility of moving away from the sun in the next few weeks. If this sunspot remains at its place for some time, then it can also be seen from the earth. The effects of a solar flare on Earth were felt by a shortwave radio blackout over the Atlantic Ocean.

Damages machines

Solar flares are responsible for damaging the machines and preventing the spread of current on the earth. Reports suggest that the outbreak of solar flares caused ionization of the uppermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, causing current to flow between 60-100 km above the Earth’s surface. As a result, Earth’s polar magnetic field changed. 
What are solar flares?

Solar flares cause explosions on the surface of the Sun with very high speed, which occurs after a huge amount of energy is generated. As the explosion occurs, radiation is released into the universe, which directly affects the planets of our solar system. These radiations include radio waves, X-rays and gamma rays. NASA claims that the energy released from this explosion is equal to the simultaneous explosion of millions of hydrogen bombs of 100 megatons. Still, this is about one-tenth the total energy of the Sun.

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