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Social Media Posts: You must have seen photos and videos related to many natural phenomena on the internet, but these days a heart-wrenching photo is going viral on social media. In fact, recently lightning struck the world’s third tallest statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This statue of Jesus is 100 feet high. The pictures of lightning are so horrifying that people’s souls trembled.

Please tell that this scene has been captured on camera on last Friday i.e. 10th February. On Friday, there was a strong storm on the coast of Brazil, after which this sky lightning fell on the statue of Jesus Christ.

overhead lightning

In the pictures being shared on the internet, it can be clearly seen that lightning is falling directly on the upper part of the statue. As soon as these pictures were shared on social media, people were shocked. At the same time, people on social media are talking about many things after seeing these pictures. Some people are considering it as supernatural power, while some are telling it as a wonderful sight.

Lightning strike is not new

According to the information, the incident of lightning on this world famous statue of Jesus Christ is not new, but this type of incident happens at least 6 times every year. Due to lightning falling on the statue, it has also been damaged many times.

Pictures of lightning falling on the statue of Jesus Christ have been shared on the social media platform Instagram. These pictures have been shared from the account named Cristo Redentor, which has been liked by 93 thousand people so far. It has been written from an Instagram account that after seeing this incident, it seems as if divine power is being seen in the idol.

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