Snow Storm In America Bomb Cyclone Snow Storm Killed More Than 48 People

Snow Storm in America: On the one hand, the corona virus bomb has exploded in China and life has become busy, while America is facing another crisis. Here Bomb Cyclone i.e. ‘winter storm’ has stalled the lives of lakhs of people. The snow storm has washed away all the planning for the Christmas celebration. Under compulsion, people are forced to be imprisoned inside their homes.

If local media reports are to be believed, the power of more than 14 lakh houses has been cut off due to the bomb cyclone. The temperature has dropped to -45 degrees. Life has come to a standstill due to blackout and drop in temperature.

Most deaths in New York

According to media reports, the minimum temperature in the western US state of Montana fell to -45 degree Celsius. The National Weather Service says temperatures in Des Moines, Iowa were -37°F (-38°C), which can cause frostbite in less than 5 minutes. In simple words, if a person comes in contact with open air in this situation, then his skin may become dead due to cold. So far, there is news of the death of about 48 people in this disaster. Maximum 27 deaths have occurred in New York.

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Appeal to people to stay in homes

According to the governor of Ohio, most of the deaths are happening on the roads due to the current situation. He has appealed to the people to stay in their homes till the situation becomes normal. At the same time, New York Governor Cathy Hochul has declared an emergency in the city. Here also the temperature has reached -45 degree Celsius. How bad the situation is can be gauged from the fact that snow is accumulating inside the houses.

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