Sitiveni Rabuka Sworn In As Fiji Prime Minister Win Election With One Vote

Fiji New Prime Minister: Sitiveni Rabuka has won the election for the post of Prime Minister (PM) by a single vote in Fiji. His rival Vorke Bainimarama had to face defeat by one vote in this election. A new Prime Minister has been elected in Fiji after 16 years. The country was in a state of limbo, so after the elections, the way was cleared for the appointment of 74-year-old Rabuka to the post of Prime Minister. Prior to this, Rabuka is the leader of the People’s Alliance, a political party formed in the year 2021.

Fiji’s Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) voted on Friday (23 December) to form a coalition with Rabuka’s People’s Alliance and the National Federation Party. In the secret ballot for the post of Prime Minister, Rabuka got 28 votes while his rival Vorke Bainimarama got 27 votes. Any party can form a government if it wins 28 seats in Fiji’s 55-member parliament.

The alliance of three parties now has 29 seats.
The FFP had been in power in Fiji since 2014, but this time the party fell one vote short of securing a majority in the parliamentary elections. PA and NFP have formed their alliance before the elections. The Social Democratic Liberal Party decided on Friday to form a coalition government with the PA and the NFP, which now has 29 seats in parliament.

Rabuka did two coups in 1987
Prior to this, in 1987, Sitiveni Rabuka overthrew Fiji twice while serving as Army Chief. At the same time, he also became the Prime Minister (PM) in 1992, after which he was removed in the elections in 1999. This will be the first time in Fiji in the last 16 years that three parties have come together to form a coalition government. Fiji is a country with a population of 9 lakhs, before the constitutional reform in the year 2013, the military coup has been the history of this country.

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