Severed Head Dreaded Murderer Is Kept In A Glass Jar Even After 180 Years The Brutality Is Visible In The Eyes

Who Was Diogo Alves: You will still be shocked to see the severed head of Europe’s most dreaded criminal Diogo Alves. Any person would get scared seeing his open eyes. Even after 180 years of his death, his eyes still look the same. His severed head has been preserved in a glass jar. This person who killed the most in Portugal was sentenced to death. After this his head was cut off and preserved. Alves was also known as ‘The Aqueduct Murderer’.

The bridge itself was made the base of crime
Actually Alves had made a bridge a base for crime. He used to sit secretly on the bridge connecting the village to the city. He used to loot the farmers coming from there. After that he used to push them from the bridge and drop them in the water below.

The law had pronounced the death sentence
This maneuver of Alves was successful for a long time because the death of people seemed to be suicide. It is considered the most vicious and dreaded murderer of the whole of Europe. After committing 70 murders, he was caught by the law and was sentenced to death.

The head is kept in Lisbon University
The head of this dreaded criminal is currently kept in a glass jar with formaldehyde. Its head has been kept for research at Lisbon University. Scientists want to study its brain. They believe that by doing this many shocking things can come to the fore.

There was a period of phrenology

Let us tell you that at one time there was a craze in Europe to study someone’s mind. Scientists believe that some such things can also come out. In Europe this study is called Phrynology.

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