Scientists Reconstruct Face Of Pregnant Egyptian Mummy Who Died 2000 Years Ago

Reconstruct Face of Mummy Scientists: Forensic scientists have recreated the face of a mummy that is more than 2000 years old. The mummy is said to be of a pregnant Egyptian Mummy. Scientists have created the face of a mummy using 2D and 3D techniques. According to the news of Mirror, this mummy is known as ‘The Mystery Lady’.

The woman is believed to have died at 28 weeks of pregnancy between the ages of 20 and 30. It is considered to be the first mummy with the unborn child. Scientists examined the mummy’s skull and other body parts to see what the woman looked like if she were alive in the years before the first century BC.

The scientist involved in the project gave this information

Chantal Milani, an Italian forensic anthropologist and member of the Warsaw Mummy Project, said that our bones and skulls give a lot of information about a person’s face. While this cannot be considered an accurate picture, the skull, like many anatomical organs, is unique and shows a set of sizes and scales that will be visible in the final face.

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According to the information, this mummy was discovered in 1826 and it was taken from Egypt to Warsaw in Poland. The mystery lady’s body was wrapped with cloth and kept in a rich jantar collection so that the afterlife could be seen. According to a post by the Warsaw Mummy Project on Facebook, the method known as mummification is an expression of the care given to a person to preserve his or her life in the afterlife.

Shantal Milani told these nuances

Shantal Milani added, “The face covering the bone structure obeys various physiological laws, so standard procedures can be applied to reconstruct it. For example, take the example of setting the shape of the nose. The most important element is the reconstruction of soft tissue thickness at several points on the surface of the facial bones. For this we have statistical data of different populations around the world.

Forensic artist Hugh Morrison said this

Forensic artist Hugh Morrison is one of the experts in creating the mummy’s face. “Reconstructing a person’s face from their skull is usually considered a last resort in an attempt to reveal who they were,” he said. It can also be used in an archaeological and historical context to show how ancient people or celebrities of the past would have looked in life.

People look at Egyptian mummies with curiosity

Dr. Wojciech Eijsmund, an archaeologist at the Polish Academy of Sciences, said that many people look at ancient Egyptian mummies with curiosity. They forget that these were once living people and that there was love and tragedy in their own personal lives. He said forensic experts make up the face for scientific data. According to the report, the reconstruction of the face will be seen in an exhibition at the Silesia Museum in Katowice.

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