Saudi Arabia Employers What Kind Of Employees Are More In Demand In 2023 UAE Job IS Good Or Bad News For India

Employment in Saudi Arabia: The new year 2023 can be full of peace for people thinking of getting a job in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia (Job in Saudi Arabia), this year it is being said that opportunities will be available for jobs in many fields including management, event planning to nursing. According to Recruitment Consultants, amidst stiff competition, many companies are offering remote working options.

In 2023, companies in the UAE (UAE Employers) are giving priority to those employees, especially those working at the junior level and who have the ability to do multiple tasks.

Offering remote working options

According to a Khaleej Times report, according to UAE Human Resource Recruitment Consultants, companies in the United Arab Emirates are looking for youths who have the ability to multitask in addition to juniors and manage their time to achieve their targets. Can manage effectively. Many companies are also offering hybrid and remote working options.

What kind of employees are in high demand?

Mayank Patel, Country Head, Adecco Middle East, said that there is a demand for productive work systems in today’s work environment. He told that the areas which have more jobs include multitasking in many areas including mid-top management, marketing, event planning, administration, project management, nursing, customer service center in some companies.

Which youths are the companies looking for?

Mayank Patel said, ‚ÄúCompetition is high and companies need people who can manage their time effectively and collaborate with others to achieve goals. While some expect faster performance and delivery without sacrificing quality.” Mayank Patel told that companies have adopted hybrid working, remote work set-up etc. to reduce burn-out and balance the work and social life of the employees.

Demand in technical and customer centric services also

Deepa Sood, chief executive of Dubai-based human resource consultancy company ‘Plum Jobs’, said that they are recruiting employees for companies that can work with better capability in technical and customer-oriented services. Nikhil Nanda, Operational Manager, Innovation Group, said that there is a growing demand for candidates with multitasking ability at the junior level. Hiring companies are especially liking the new candidates.

A large number of Indian youth are looking for jobs. These include youth related to many fields including technical, management to nursing. In such a situation, they can also get a better chance to work in Saudi Arabia.

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