Sara Khadem Iranian Chess Player Return Spain After Getting Threat For Not Wearing Hijab In International Chess Tournament In Kazakhstan

Sarah Khadem Chess Player: Sara Khadem is a professional international chess player from Iran. Recently she participated in an international chess tournament without wearing a hijab. Since then, she has been receiving threats from Iran regarding the hijab. Seeing the possible danger, she has gone to Spain instead of Iran. In fact, it is very important for women in Iran to wear hijab. For the last several months, agitation is also being done in Iran regarding this.

During this, an Iranian woman was also killed in police custody for not wearing a hijab. Those protesting during this movement have also been hanged. Recently, Iranian chess player Sara Khadam reached Spain on Tuesday (January 3) instead of going to Iran after receiving threats. A source close to her said she had received a warning not to return to Iran after competing in an international tournament in Kazakhstan without a hijab.

participated in the chess championship

Sara Khadem was born in the year 1997. She participated in the FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship in Almaty last week, where she participated in the game without wearing a hijab. Wearing hijab is mandatory in Iran’s dress code. Many unknown people from Iran threatened him for not returning to the country. Some of the same people asked to return and assured that they will solve the matter. Khadam’s relatives and parents are also receiving threats in Iran. However, there has been no comment from the Foreign Ministry of Iran.

Rest of the players also went to other countries

Sara Khadem’s full name is Sarsadat Khademalsharif. Khadam is ranked 804 in the world chess rankings. He was listed as a participant for the rapid and blitz competitions. Similarly, apart from Khadam, all the other four Iranian women grandmasters have also gone to other countries. Dorsa Derakhshani did the same in the year 2017 after going to America.

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