Russian Soldiers Steal Raccoon Llama Zoo Ukraines Kherson

Russia-Ukraine War: Russian soldiers were caught on camera stealing animals from the Kherson zoo on their way back from Kherson, Ukraine. A report in The Washington Post said that the animals stolen from the Kherson Zoo included seven raccoons, two female wolves, peacocks, a llama and a donkey. Several videos are going viral on the internet, in which Russian soldiers have been shown forcefully seizing animals from Kherson’s enclosures.

In one of the clips, a Russian soldier can be seen brutally picking up a raccoon by its tail and putting it in a cage. The animal is also struggling to free itself from the clutches. The video has gone viral on social media.

praised raccoon

When Russian soldiers were picking up the raccoon, the raccoon is also struggling to free himself from them. Those watching the video have also praised the raccoon and are treating him like a star. The video was shared by Anton Gerashchenko, advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. In that video, a soldier is shown struggling to bring the llama onto the truck.
Because of this incident, many jokes and mimes are also being made. One user even made fun of the kidnapping in a poster titled “Save Private Raccoon”. Some wondered what the army intended to do with the animals. Not only animals, many artefacts and medical equipment have also been looted from hospitals in war-ravaged Kherson.

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Condemned the removal of animals

Meanwhile, Ukrainian authorities have condemned the removal of animals from the Kherson Zoo, with the country’s Defense Ministry making a strong statement on social media. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry tweeted, “The occupiers stole everything from Kherson. Paintings from art galleries, antiquities from museums, historical manuscripts from libraries, but their most prized booty was a raccoon they stole from a zoo.” .Steal a raccoon and die.” His video footage also went viral.

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