Russian And Chinese Fighter Jets Entered South Korea’s Airspace, Army Alerted Due To Threat

South Korea Airspace: Mutual tension between South Korea, China and Russia seems to be increasing. 2 Chinese and 6 Russian aircraft have entered South Korea’s air defense zone. In view of the tension, the South Korean army has deployed its fighter jets, which is believed to increase the tension between South Korea’s China and Russia in the coming days.

According to Yonhap news agency, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff told that 2 Chinese and 6 Russian fighter jets entered their airspace without any information. He claimed that China’s H-6 bomber entered and exited the air defense zone from the southern and northeastern coasts at around 5.50 am this morning. A few hours later, the aircraft re-entered the air defense zone over the Sea of ​​Japan, which is known in Korea as the East Sea. He claimed that these included Russian warplanes including TU-95 bomber and SU-35 fighter jet.

Along with this, he said that even before the Chinese and Russian aircraft entered, our army had deployed Air Force fighter jets. However, the planes of China and Russia left our area in time.

Growing friendship between North Korea and China

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Let us tell you that on the other hand, the sweetness in the relations between China and North Korea is increasing. Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping talked about working together with North Korea. The President of China wrote a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in which he said that China is ready to work together with North Korea. Along with this, news came that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is continuously firing missiles on the coast of South Korea and now the news of Russian-Chinese planes entering South Korea is worrying South Korea.

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