Russia Ukraine War Zelensky Sought Help From Netherlands Putin Army Advanced In Ukraine | Russia-Ukraine War: Zelensky seeks help from Netherlands President, Putin’s army moves further in Ukraine

Ukraine Russia War: The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. The armies of both the countries are thirsty for each other’s blood and no one is ready to back down. Meanwhile, Russia’s Defense Ministry has claimed that they killed more than 80 Ukrainian soldiers.

In a statement issued on Monday (January 16), the Russian Defense Ministry said that the 92nd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the 103rd Territorial Defense Division near Sinkovka and Berestovoy were attacked by army aviation and artillery units of the Western Military District in the direction of Kupyansk. The units of the brigade have been neutralized.

The Russian Defense Ministry has claimed that in this special military operation, Russia has killed 80 soldiers of Ukraine on two different fronts of Ukraine. In the release of the Russian Defense Ministry, it has also been said that they have also targeted some armored vehicles of Ukraine.

What did the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine say?
At the same time, no statement has come out from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on this. He told in a tweet that he has destroyed 12 Russian tanks, 21 armored vehicles, 5 cannons, a multi rocket launcher, and a defense system in the last one week. He could not give any information about Russian soldiers.

President of Ukraine asked for help from the Netherlands
Meanwhile, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky spoke to the President of the Netherlands on Monday. He tweeted that this is my second conversation with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. He said that during this time I am grateful to him for his willingness to continue working to strengthen the Air Defense. We also talked about possible scenarios of events ahead and our joint activities for the near future.

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