Russia Ukraine War Zelensky Said Russia Could Not Win The War So They Uses Energy Terrorism Now | Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine is facing power crisis, says Zelensky

Russia-Ukraine War: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused the Kremlin of resorting to “energy terrorism”. He has said that Russian soldiers are getting defeated on the battlefield, they are not able to win, so they are engaged in destroying our energy network. Zelensky said 4.5 million people are left without electricity after Russian attacks on power networks in Ukraine. “The fact that Russia is resorting to energy terrorism shows the weakness of our enemy. They can’t defeat Ukraine on the battlefield, so they try to break our people in this way,” he said. “

In recent weeks, Russia has launched massive missile and drone attacks on power plants and sacred stations in Ukraine. The attacks come as officials say Russian troops are now likely to withdraw from the major southern city of Kherson.

Zelensky said – Russia is battered after suffering many painful defeats

Zelensky says Russia has intensified attacks on power infrastructure in Ukrainian cities in recent weeks, after suffering several painful defeats on the battlefield. In the past month, Russian troops have reportedly destroyed a third of the country’s power stations, he said, prompting the Ukrainian government to make efforts to consume as little electricity as possible.

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The power station was destroyed if it could not win in the war.

“The electricity connections of about 4.5 million consumers in Ukraine have been temporarily cut,” President Zelensky said in his nightly address on Thursday. He said that Russia’s targeting of energy infrastructure is a sign of Russia’s weakness as the Russian military appears to be unable to advance in the war. is attacking.

Russian soldiers fleeing from Kherson

According to Ukraine, Russian troops are leaving the city occupied by Kherson, a sign of a major withdrawal for Russia. Kirill Stremosov, a Russian-established officer in the Kherson region, told Russian media that the withdrawal of his troops from the Moscow region is likely and that, according to a Western official, speaking on condition of anonymity, most Russian commanding officers have already Have moved out of town.

Russian soldiers looking for their way out before the cold comes

Instead of trying to take control of the city, he said Russian troops were building their escape routes on the other side of the Dniepro River, making better routes across southern and eastern Ukraine before freezing cold. But it is difficult to know exactly what is happening inside the city, an official said, adding that Russian tankers mobilized to cover the final return have been sent.

The departure of Russian troops from Kherson is a big deal

In addition, the BBC’s international affairs correspondent Paul Adams says banks have reportedly been emptied and museums looted. Ukrainian occupation authorities have also been evacuating Russian troops from the area for several weeks. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Ukrainian troops were able to retake the southern city. But Ukraine said it was still fighting in the region and was on alert if Russia was laying traps for Ukrainian troops.

Let us tell you that in March, Russia occupied Kherson, which was a big achievement of Russia. But now Ukrainian troops in that area, giving a strong answer to Russia, have driven out the soldiers.

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