Russia Ukraine War Vladimir Putin’s Message To Russian Defense Industry Troops Needs Weapons

Russia-Ukraine War: Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a message to the country’s defense industry that soldiers stationed in Ukraine need weapons. He told the defense industry that it should improve its war weapons so that the Russian Army can get all the necessary facilities to fight in Ukraine. The Russian President said this while addressing the people in Tula, the arms manufacturing center.

The Russian President said, “The most important task of our military-industrial complex is to provide our units and frontline forces with everything they need. Weapons, equipment, ammunition and gear in the right quantities and in the shortest possible time frame.” Quality is a must.” “It is also important for our fighters to improve the technical characteristics of weapons and equipment for combat aircraft on the basis of experience,” Vladimir Putin said.

Lessons should be learned from the problems in Ukraine – Putin
During his address, the Russian President also said that the Russian army should have learned from the problems in Ukraine and should have corrected the mistakes made. Putin further said that he had promised to give whatever the soldiers needed for the war. Now the war has reached its 10th month which is nearing its end.

Let us tell you that earlier this year in the month of February, Russia had invaded Ukraine and despite the continuous success in the initial months of the conflict, Moscow had to face defeat on the battlefield after the counter-attacks of Ukraine.

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Zelensky shared pictures on social media
Meanwhile, Russia once again attacked the Kherson city of Ukraine. In this attack, 7 people died while about 60 people were injured, out of which the condition of 16 injured is serious.

Russia had captured the city of Kherson at the beginning of the war, but Ukraine regained it from Russia. After this Russia attacks here every day. In this attack, many dead bodies were seen scattered on the streets. His pictures were shared by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on his social media.

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