Russia Ukraine War Vladimir Putin Runs Out Of Hospital Beds For Wounded As Kremlin Blames Troops For Being Killed

Russia Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for more than 10 months. Many areas of Ukraine have been destroyed in the war. At the same time, the soldiers of both the countries have been harmed. A large number of Russian soldiers have also been injured in the war with Ukraine. According to media reports, there has been a significant increase in the number of injured soldiers returning from the battlefield and reaching Russia. The report also indicates that there is no space in Russian hospitals for the treatment of injured soldiers.

The war between Russia and Ukraine (Russia Ukraine War) has been going on since February 24 last year. According to media reports, in the first two days of 2023, more than 100 soldiers of both the countries have died.

What orders did Putin give?

There is a shortage of beds in hospitals for the treatment of wounded soldiers in Russia. Meanwhile, Putin has reportedly ordered the massive use of civilian hospitals to deal with the number of disabled soldiers. The number of soldiers getting injured in the war is increasing. To deal with this, emphasis is being laid on using civilian hospitals. The Kremlin chief was informed by the ministries of health and defense to return to work early after the New Year break.

the soldiers were blamed

The Kremlin said, “With in-patient medical care and rehabilitation, special facilities will be given to persons participating in special military operations”. It is being told that Russia has never suffered so much in the last 10 months of war It has gone as far as it has at present. Lieutenant General Sergei Severyukov tried to sensationalize the victims, saying that their use of mobile phones despite the ban had alerted Ukrainian intelligence agencies.

Ukraine’s army is also fighting fiercely

Wives of Russian soldiers are complaining that their husbands were turned into minced meat. She was not even allowed to take her slain husband, nor was he allowed to bury them. Many dead bodies were thrown here and there. Please tell that along with Ukraine, Russian soldiers have also been killed in the Russian attack. The situation in Ukraine is bad, but Zelensky’s army is still fighting with Putin’s soldiers.

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