Russia Ukraine War Ukraine Has Lost Between 10000 To 13000 Soldiers

Ukraine Military Loss: It has been more than 9 months since the Russia-Ukraine war, but still no one is ready to back down. Before 9-10 months, no one had thought that Ukraine could fight with the Russian army for so long. Due to their spirit, the soldiers of Ukraine are engaged in rescuing even the second most dangerous army in the world, although they are suffering heavy losses in this.

In the war with Russia, Ukraine has lost 10 to 13 thousand soldiers so far. This information was given by Mykhailo Podoliak, advisor to President Zelensky, to a TV channel. This figure can also be close to August, because at that time the Chief of the Ukrainian forces had given information about the death of 9,000 soldiers. By now this figure would have increased further.

Ukraine lost 10-13 thousand soldiers

Mykhailo Podoliak told the Ukrainian TV channel, “We have official figures of top command officers and general staff attached to the armed forces.” According to these official figures, between 10,000 and 13,000 of our soldiers have been killed so far. The number of injured soldiers is even more than this. We will never hide the figures of the dead.

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Russia claims 1 lakh soldiers killed

Recently US Army General Mark Milley claimed that 40,000 Ukrainian civilians and over a million Russian soldiers were killed or wounded in the war. Meanwhile, the President of Ukraine Zelensky has also made a similar claim. Zelensky has claimed that by the end of this year, Russia would have lost one lakh of its soldiers in this war. According to Ukraine, so far the Russian army has lost about 88,380 soldiers. At the same time, Russia says that less than 10,000 of its soldiers have died.

Putin lost more than 160 generals

According to a BBC report, Putin has lost more than 1500 high army officers in this war, out of which more than 160 are generals and colonels. Earlier, a high official of the US Army had claimed that more than one lakh soldiers of the Russian Army were killed in this war. However, how much damage has been done to Russia in this war, no information has been given on this from the Kremlin yet.

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