Russia Ukraine War Ukraine Claims To Have Killed Thousand Russian Soldiers

Russia Soldiers Killed: The war between Russia and Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War) is not taking its name to end. Meanwhile, Ukraine has now made a big claim to shock Russia. Ukraine claims that it has killed about a thousand Russian soldiers in one day, this is the largest figure ever. Putin’s army was forced to flee from here amid Ukrainian missiles.

Along with this, Ukraine also claimed to have successfully destroyed 52 armored personnel vehicles, 13 tanks and a cruise missile on Sunday. Serhi Shaptla, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said in a Facebook post that the occupants of the Donetsk and Lyman fronts suffered the greatest losses in these 24 hours.

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One report said Putin is now sending his “poorly trained” soldiers to their deaths as he desperately tries to seize land in the region. Some of his mobilizers were seen fleeing as Ukrainian forces attacked his armored tank. Missiles were rained on the soldiers.
Putin trying to win in any case

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When Russia attacked Ukraine for the first time, Ukraine was weakened, but now the situation is the opposite. Now Ukraine is also facing it with full force. In such a situation, now Putin has come under the insistence of winning in any case. The Russian president called for at least 300,000 men to announce a partial mobilization of his country. During this, he also had a lot of opposition. People started migrating from Russia. All the flights were going to be fully booked. Putin then said that he would gladly sacrifice 20 million soldiers to win Ukraine.

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