Russia Ukraine War Ukraine Army Claims That His Sniper Hit World Record

Ukrainian sniper: More than 9 months have passed since the Russia-Ukraine war, but the war is still going on. The shining cities of Ukraine have turned into ruins in front of the Russian army’s attack. Even after this, Ukraine has not laid down its arms. Ukraine is responding to Russia with full force.

At present, a fierce war is going on in the Kherson province of Ukraine. Kherson was once captured by the Russian army, but now the Russian army is being forced to flee in front of Ukrainian fighters.

world record claim

Meanwhile, Ukraine has made a big claim. Ukraine claims that its sniper has succeeded in killing Russian soldiers at a distance of more than 1.7 miles. The sharpshooter has killed Russian soldiers at an impressive distance of 8,891 feet. This distance is equal to the length of 26 Wembley football pitches. If Ukraine’s claims prove to be true then it will be a world record. The army of Ukraine has also released a video regarding this.

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In the video released by the army of Ukraine, it is clearly visible that the Russian soldier falls on the ground after being shot by the sniper of Ukraine. Ukraine claims that its sniper has come very close to the world record for long-range firepower. The army of Ukraine said that our special forces killed Russian soldiers located at a distance of 2710 meters. A senior officer of the Ukraine Army has confirmed this claim.

Ukraine is using these rifles

Let us tell you that in the war with Russia, the army of Ukraine is using some of the most powerful rifles. Among these, Snipex Alligator and Sniper T-Rex are prominent. Both rifles fire bullets at a maximum speed of 3200 feet per second. These rifles can fire 14.4 mm for more than 4 miles. Bullets can fire. Sniper hitting up to 1.7 miles shows that Ukraine has top class weapons.

Canadian sniper holds the world record

Let us tell you that the Canadian sniper holds the world record for the longest range sniper. In 2017, an ISIS terrorist in Iran was killed with this sniper at a distance of 12,000 feet (2.27 miles). After this comes the name of Brig Craig Harrison, who killed two Taliban in 2009 at 8,000 feet in Helmand province of Afghanistan. At the same time, the National Guard of Ukraine said that after dusk, the National Guard of Ukraine goes out for hunting with special snipers. He said that last night we worked with great precision.

Ukrainian sniper can get second place!

According to Ukraine’s claim, the combat kill of Ukrainian sharp shooter has now come second in the record book. At the same time, Brig Craig Harrison has now come in third place. Earlier, Canadian Corporal Rob Furlong killed an Afghan insurgent at a distance of 7,972 feet during Operation Anaconda in 2002. Although before that this record was with Canadian Master Corporal Aaron Perry, who killed an insurgent at 7,578 feet during the same operation.

Putin has also tried his hand at sniper

Earlier, a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin with a sniper went viral. In this picture, Putin was seen aiming with a sniper. After taking aim from the sniper, Putin patted the back of a soldier standing near him and congratulated him. Explain that a sniper is a type of gun, with the help of which accurate targeting can be done at a long distance.

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