Russia Ukraine War Russian Army Shelling In Kherson 15 Ukrainian Civilians Killed And 35 Injured | Russia Ukraine War: Russia shocked by the defeat in Kherson, 15 people died in a rocket attack

Russia Ukraine War: The Russian army has once again intensified the attacks on Ukraine. According to some media reports that surfaced on Friday, Russia has intensified the Kherson shelling on the recently released Kherson. Quoting officials in the reports, it is being claimed that 15 civilians have died in the latest bombardment in Kherson. With this, the problem of electricity and water still persists in major cities across the country.

electricity-water supply stalled

In fact, in recent times, Russia has targeted Ukraine’s Power Grid. Electricity and water supply has come to a standstill in major cities. It is being claimed in media reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to make cold his biggest weapon against Ukraine. This is the reason why Ukrainian power stations are being targeted in Russian airstrikes.

‘6 million people affected by power cuts’

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More than six million homes in the country are still affected by power cuts, two days after Russian attacks targeted Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said. At the same time, Russia has started targeting Kherson again, which was recently taken back by the Ukrainian army.

’15 residents killed, 35 injured’

“A total of 15 residents were killed and 35 were injured, including a child,” said Galyana Lugova, an official in the city of Kherson. He added that several “private houses and high-rise buildings” were damaged.

‘Fire broke out in the building, patients were evacuated from the hospital’

The head of the Kherson military administration, Yaroslav Yanushovich, said, “The Russian invaders set fire to a residential area with several rocket launchers. After which a large building also caught fire.” Earlier on Friday, the governor of the Kherson region said patients had been evacuated from the city’s hospital due to “continuous Russian shelling”.

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