Russia-Ukraine War: Pakistan Selling Arms To Ukraine Army Says Report | Russia-Ukraine War: Pakistan is selling weapons to Ukraine! disclosed in the report

Russia-Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine is about to complete one year. The armies of both the countries have suffered huge losses in the war, but still the fighting did not stop. Weapons are being supplied to Ukraine from many countries. These countries include America, Britain, France, Germany and Poland. At the same time, the name of Pakistan has also come.

It is reported that the Government of Pakistan is secretly supplying rockets to Ukraine. This has been revealed in the report of ‘Economic Times’. According to that report, Pakistan has sent 10,000 rockets to Ukraine via Germany and Poland in a few months. It has also been revealed in the report that in the beginning of February a ship had left from Karachi Port. First that ship reached Germany’s Emden Port and from there reached Ukraine via Poland.

Pakistan’s action angers Russia

Now Russia may be angry with Pakistan for supplying arms to Ukraine. By the way, Russia has not yet given a reaction on this matter. Experts say that Pakistan’s action is going to anger Russia.

Tried to get cheap crude oil from Russia

Pakistani government was trying to get cheap crude oil from Russia. On which Putin refused to sell cheap crude oil to Pakistan on the lines of India. After which it has been reported that weapons have been sold to Ukraine from Pakistan, for this about 10,000 rockets were loaded in the ship sent from Karachi, which are fired through multi-barrel launchers. The report also claimed that 46 containers were sent from Pakistan to Ukraine last month.

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