Russia Ukraine War Kyiv Mayor Asks People To Stock Drinking Water, Food Warm Clothes | ‘Stock up on drinking water, food and warm clothes..’

Russia Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine is going on since February 24, no solution has been found so far. Both the countries remain at war and are not ready to give up. Meanwhile, the winter season has started and Russia has created a power crisis in more than half of Ukraine by targeting Ukraine’s power grid. In view of this, the mayor of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has appealed to the citizens to stock up on water, food and warm clothes.

Kyiv’s mayor has told residents that they must consider whether they can stay with relatives or friends on the outskirts of the capital. Mayor Vitali Klitschko warned that temperatures in homes could drop sharply in the event of “blackouts and complete absence of heat supply”.

power crisis in ukraine

The mayor said, “The temperature in the apartments will not differ much from the temperature outside… I appeal to the people to stock up on drinking water, food products, warm clothes.” It is noteworthy that in the last few weeks, Russian airstrikes have created a power crisis in front of Ukraine. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has also said that millions of people in Ukraine are being affected by power cuts.

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’30 percent reduction in Ukraine’

Kyiv Mayor Klitschko said people should consider temporarily staying with friends or relatives living on the outskirts of Kyiv. On the other hand, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Denis Schmihl had said that there is still a 30% shortage of electricity in Ukraine and Russia is continuously targeting the power grid.

430 heating points built in Kyiv

According to media reports, Kyiv authorities have installed 430 heating points in the city, where people can warm up and charge their phone batteries, to overcome the shortage of heating and electricity. However, Klitschko believes that this number is not enough for the city’s 3.5 million people. Even if 500 or 5000 heating points are made, they will also fall short.

Russia said – the attack was militarily legitimate

Russia has justified the damage to power stations in Ukraine. According to a Reuters report, Russia believes that its attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine are militarily legitimate. Russia has also said that Kyiv can reduce the suffering of its people, if it accepts all the demands of Russia. However, Russia has not clearly stated its demands. At the same time, Ukraine says that the attacks carried out with the aim of harassing ordinary citizens are war crimes.

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