Russia-Ukraine: After firing more than 200 missiles, Russia now attacked with drones, Ukraine gave a befitting reply

Russia-Ukraine: Another news has been received from the ongoing fight between Russia and Ukraine. According to the information, President Putin’s army has attacked Ukraine’s Kyiv on Friday (December 30) with drones, while on Thursday (December 29) it attacked with 120 missiles.

This year, the war between Russia and Ukraine started in February 2022 itself, since then Russia has been continuously trying to pile up Ukraine with a barrage of missiles. Today the Russian army carried out another air raid on Kyiv with drones. According to foreign media, the siren & nbsp; was played at 2 pm local time regarding the air strike. After the siren sounded, people in the surrounding were asked to go to safe places, as airstrikes were being carried out by drones at that time.

Ukraine destroyed ten drones
Kyiv Governor Oleksiy Kuleba informed about the drone attack. According to reports, the sound of several drone attacks was heard from a distance of 20 km. The Ukrainian army has informed that in the attack carried out by Russia,  we shot down about ten Russian drones. Of the 10 drones shot down in the strike, nine were Shaded and one Marlin.

Infrastructure affected 
The country’s energy infrastructure has been affected due to continuous airstrikes by Russia. This Ukraine is facing many problems. Lakhs of people of the country have to live without heat in the cold season. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky released a video on Thursday (December 29) night saying that the Ukrainian Air Force repelled 54 Russian missiles and 11 drones. Zelensky admitted that there is a shortage of electricity in most areas. Areas with  particular loss of power include mainly Kyiv as well as the cities of Odessa and Kherson located in the south and surrounding areas.

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