Russia Ready To Attack Kyiv Trained 20 Thousand New Soldiers Ukraine Commander In Chief General Valery Zaluzny Claims

Ukraine V/S Russia: The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has expressed apprehension that in the early months of 2023, Russia is ready to launch a new attack on Kyiv. The recent fighting has been concentrated in Ukraine’s east and south but General Valery Zaluzny told the British weekly he feared the capital would be targeted again. He said in an interview on December 3, released on Thursday, that plans are on to make an important strategic task for a feared war in February.

Russia is preparing 20 thousand new soldiers

The Commander in Chief said, “I have no doubt that Russia is preparing 20,000 new troops to attack Kyiv again, but we are ready for this. We have calculated how many tanks we need.” , how many artillery guns are needed. Apart from this, our preparations are also going on for other needs.

The Russian capital, Moscow, swiftly sent its forces to capture Kyiv but in a victory for the Ukrainian army, the invaders were forced several times from the capital, before the Ukrainian army courageously pulled back from the area in late March and early April. Was kept dozen kilometers away.

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“I can defeat this enemy”

Commander in Chief General Valery Zaluzny said the Russians have been bombing energy infrastructure since October. Russia needs time to gather resources for a comprehensive offensive in the coming months. He said, “I am not an energy expert, but I think we are on the edge. Russia has attacked power grids and electricity networks with missile and drone attacks, causing massive power cuts across the country.” This has left millions of Ukrainians in the bitter cold and darkness of winter. I know I can defeat this enemy, but I need resources. I need 300 tanks, 600-700 IFVs (infantry fighting vehicles) 500 Howitzer is required.

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