Russia Launched Iskander Missiles Against Ukraine Says Targeted Military Infrastructure

Russia Ukraine War: On the 321st day of the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia bombarded the strategic infrastructure of the Ukrainian Army. Russia’s Defense Ministry released the video saying that it used Iskander Missiles System on basic military units of the Ukrainian army in a special military operation against Ukraine.

The Russian army has released a video related to this, in this video it can be seen that the truck carrying the Iskander missile comes out of the forest on the road and then at an angle to shoot the target aimed at the Ukrainian army A missile is fired.

‘Putin has also given this missile to neighboring countries’
Through the video released, it is known that these trucks were not seen in the forest, so a special net has been installed on it. Last year, President Vladimir Putin said Moscow would supply air defense systems to Minsk, after which the Iskander system, which can carry nuclear weapons, would be deployed in Belarus.

What is the specialty of Iskander missile?
The Iskander-M missile is considered one of Russia’s most successful missiles so far, NATO forces call these missiles by the SS-26 code. Its guided missiles have a range of up to 500 km and are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. These missiles are capable of hitting the ground in the air. These missiles are capable of tackling aircraft, UAVs, cruise missiles and have the capability to defend a terminal ballistic missile.

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