Rishi Sunak Over Health: PM Rishi Sunak refuses to tell whether he uses private healthcare or not

Rishi Sunak Over Health: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak refused to tell thrice on Sunday (January 8) whether he uses personal health service or not. According to the BBC, during an interview, the UK PM was asked whether he is associated with a private general practitioner (GP). He replied that healthcare is a personal choice.

BBC quoted the UK Prime Minister as saying, "I grew up in an NHS household. My father was a doctor and mother was a pharmacist." he adds, "We should use free zone, so that patients can choose where they want to get treated."

When asked whether the National Health Service (NHS) was in trouble, he said it was without doubt.

Answers on the Corona Pandemic

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was asked a question related to the Corona epidemic. On this, the Prime Minister said that we were confident that we would overcome the Corona epidemic problem. Cullen, the general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said that leaders serving the people should be clear with the general public whether they are using private health services or not.  

Took as a warning

Questions of senior doctors were also included in PM Sunak’s interview, including questions related to the ongoing strike in hospitals due to the salary crisis of health workers. During this, more important health related things were also mentioned in the interview. At present, the increasing waiting lists in hospitals and record delays in ambulances are at their worst levels in the UK.

New National Health Service (NHS) figures show that, in November last year, 58 per cent of NHS patients were unable to receive treatment on the day they most needed it. At the time, more than seven million people were waiting in hospital for treatment, as the NHS faced its worst crisis in its history.

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