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2500-Year-Old Sanskrit Puzzle Solved: Rishi Rajpopat, a 27-year-old Indian student doing PhD in Asian and Middle Eastern Department at St. John’s College, University of Cambridge, is being discussed all over. Actually, Rishi Rajpopat has done such a feat which no one could do for two and a half thousand years.

Great Sanskrit scholar Panini’s text
The sage has decoded a text written by Panini, the great Sanskrit scholar of ancient India. This text is more than two and a half thousand years old. Cambridge University is famous all over the world for its unique research.

The 27-year-old scholar student Rishi Rajpopat solved Panini’s grammatical text, which even Sanskrit scholars since the 5th century BCE had not been able to solve. Let us know who the Indian student Rishi Rajpopat is.

Panini’s Ashtadhyayi book
The full name of this 27 year old student is Rishi Atul Rajpopat, he was born in the year 1995. According to reports, Panini’s Sanskrit grammar book ‘Ashtadhyayi’ has many conflicting rules for forming new words, this has always confused the scholars.

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Metarule of Ashtadhyayi
The metarule taught by Panini in Ashtadhyayi often gives wrong results from the point of view of grammar. Rejecting the interpretation of this metarule, Rishi Rajpopat has given another argument. Rishi said that it took him a lot of time for this work and once felt that it would not be possible. But he concluded that Panini’s language machine produced grammatically correct words without exception.

Rishi Rajpopat said, after trying to solve this problem for 9 months, I was about to give up. So I closed the books for a month and just started enjoying the summer. I devoted myself to swimming, cycling, cooking, prayer and meditation. Then with no mind I went back to work and within minutes as I turned the pages, these patterns started coming to my mind. Everything started to make sense.” Even after this, it took another two years to solve this problem.

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