Research: Now scientists will know the condition of your heart, will predict breakup 3 months in advance

Research News: It is common to have differences with the partner during the relationship. But now experts will tell three months before your breakup that your relationship is going to break. Actually, it can be told on the basis of the kind of language people use during the breakup. A study has claimed that three months before the breakup, it will be revealed that the relationship is about to end. 

Researcher from the University of Texas at Austin has done research on 1,027,541 posts from 6,803 users. These users have been selected because they posted on their breakup, or kept posting something related to their relationship. During the study, these users did not give any indication in their posts that their relationship was about to break. But the language of his post indicated that his relationship with his partner is not going well. During the research it was found that language affects the relationship. 

Claim in Research 

Research team, which published its results in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. He kept an eye on the post for two years. In which he saw the posts before the breakup, during and after the breakup. They found that changes in language appear before a breakup. 

Conversations in the three months prior to a breakup signaled things were about to get worse, with research finding that users did not contact each other until (on average) about 6 months after the breakup. 

The team wrote in their research that users increase the use of the word that came three months before the breakup. Along with this, drips start appearing in his words. During their posts, such users start expressing that they need someone. 

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