Putin New Year Speech West Lied About Peace Using Ukraine To Destroy Russia | Putin’s New Year Address: ‘We will not bow down’, said Putin’s attack on the West in New Year’s address

Vladimir Putin’s New Year Speech: Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed his countrymen on New Year’s Eve. The address of the Russian President, trapped in the war against Ukraine for 10 months, remained as expected. The entire focus of the address was on mobilizing people’s support for the soldiers fighting in the war. He alleged that western countries are trying to destroy Russia with the help of Ukraine.

The Russian President said that the West wants to destroy Russia by using Ukraine as a weapon, but his country will never bow down to these efforts of the West. In a video message broadcast on Russian state TV, Putin said his country was fighting Ukraine to “defend the motherland” and secure “real independence”.

accusing the west of lying
In a 9-minute-long address, the Russian President accused the West of lying and also said that the West provoked him to launch a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine. Keep in mind that the Russian President has been calling his military action in Ukraine a special military operation instead of calling it a war.

Putin said that this year has been very important. We are fighting on the front where we lay the foundation for our shared future and real freedom. He further said that we have always known that the sovereign, free and secure future of Russia depends only on us, on our strength and our determination, and today our confidence in this has deepened.

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The hypocrisy of peace is done by the West – Putin
Putin said, “The ruling class of the West has been hypocrisy of peace for years. They kept assuring us of peaceful intentions. They even assured help in the serious conflict going on in Donbass. – were giving every kind of encouragement to the Nazis who were engaged in continuing military and terroristic actions against the peace-loving people of the People’s Republic of Donbass.”

Attacking the Russian President, the West lied about peace while it was preparing for aggression and today it does not hesitate to openly use Ukraine and its people to weaken and divide Russia. “We have never allowed this to happen and we will never allow anyone to do this to us,” Putin, who has led Russia for two decades, said in a message broadcast on state TV at midnight across Russia.

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