Protest In China Against Zero Covid Policy

China Covid Protest: Demonstrations are taking place in China against the ‘Zero Kovid Policy’. Actually, Zero Kovid policy is in force in China for the last 10 months, regarding which many restrictions have been imposed. People are protesting on the streets by coming out of their houses. This protest, which started from Beijing, has reached 13 cities. Police is lathi-charging people to stop them and also arresting them.

Meanwhile, America’s statement has come. The White House said, ‘People have the right to hold peaceful demonstrations, be they in any corner of the world or in America. Now the chances of ‘Zero Kovid Policy’ working in China are less. This statement of America has come in the midst of protests against the ‘Zero Kovid Policy’ in China.

“It is very difficult to control such a virus”

A spokesman for the National Security Council of the White House told ‘PTI-Bhasha’, “We are not following the zero covid policy in America. We understand that it is possible for China to control this virus through the zero covid policy.” It will be very difficult. In China, any building in which a corona patient is found is completely sealed. Due to which the people imprisoned in the houses are facing problems.

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The spokesperson also said, “We should focus on things that work to prevent corona. Like corona testing and vaccination should be emphasized. We have been doing this for a long time that everyone has the right to demonstrate peacefully. Is. Whether it is in America or in any country of the world.”

On November 25, a building caught fire in Xinjiang, China. 10 people had died in this accident. Due to the lockdown, the relief could not reach on time. People blamed all this on the officers, after which the anger of the people flared up and people came on the streets and started the demonstration.

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