Poland Will Use NATO Article 4 On Russian Missile

Poland: Such a turning point has come in the Russia-Ukraine war on Tuesday night, due to which this fight can now turn into a world war. In fact, on the night of Tuesday (November 15), Russia fired missiles targeting several cities of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Poland claims that a Russian missile has fallen in its territory near the Ukraine border. It is also being told that 2 people have been killed. This incident has created a stir in the whole world. Poland is a member of NATO, that is why America has hurriedly called an emergency meeting of G-7 countries and NATO.

Poland will use Article-4 of NATO

The news is also coming that Poland is now thinking of using Article-4 of NATO to encircle Russia. Actually ‘The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’ ie NATO is an international organization, which was formed in 1949. It was built after the Second World War. Its purpose is to guarantee freedom and security to the member states.

What is in Article-4?

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Poland wants to call an emergency meeting using Article 4 of NATO’s treaty provisions. According to Article-4, whenever there is any threat to the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any side of a member country, then all the member countries will hold a meeting among themselves and prepare a roadmap to get the fellow country out of those situations. . At the same time, in Article-5, it has been said that in the event of an attack on a member country, it will be considered an attack on all the member countries and all the member countries will unite and execute military action against the enemy.

Attack on member country means…

NATO does not have an army of its own, but all the member countries have resolved to protect each other under mutual coordination. If a country attacks a NATO member country, it is considered an attack on all the countries involved in NATO. All member countries involved in NATO can launch military operations against the enemy. However, this also does not include civil war, which means that if a civil war breaks out in a member country, it will be its own personal matter. Apart from this, NATO has no responsibility towards the security of countries which are not members of NATO.

Biden said – there was no attack from Russia

At the same time, US President Joe Biden has now said to investigate the incident. Biden said that he will help in the investigation of this incident, so that it can be revealed what happened after all. He further said that according to the initial information, it is known that this missile was not fired from the Russian side. Russia has also categorically denied this incident. Moscow says that Poland’s media is deliberately working to provoke people.

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