Player Dies Of Heart Attack While Playing Badminton Video Captured On Camera

Viral Video: Every day the incident of heart attack comes to the fore on social media. Sometimes someone is dying while driving a car and someone while dancing. Not only this, a similar case in the gym has come to light from Muscat in Oman. Here a man of Indian origin died after falling on the badminton court in the middle of the game. The incident is being told of January 2, whose video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

It can be seen in the viral video that a badminton player playing in the court gets a heart attack and suddenly falls on the ground. After this fellow players pick up the badminton player. Although the person’s life could not be saved. The entire video of the incident was recorded in the camera installed on the court, whose video is going viral.

what is in viral video

In the video going viral, you can see that the badminton player is playing badminton with his other friends. The person is looking completely fine, the age of the person seems to be between 35 to 40. The person is not facing any problem or difficulty even in hitting the shots. But suddenly that person falls on the court itself. The player playing with him also does not understand what happened after all, maybe he feels that the person is tired.

The person was a native of Kerala

The Times of Oman said in its report that the person had suffered a cardiac arrest. It is being told that the age of the deceased was 38 years and he was a native of Kerala. He has left behind his wife and two children. It is also being told that he was a sports lover and regularly used to play in the domestic cricket league.

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