Philippines Onion Price Get Three Time Higher Than Meat Approx 10 Dollar Per Kg | Philippines Onion Price: 800 rupees per kg is available in this country, one kg of onion, three times more than meat

Philippines Onion Price: Onion has become very expensive in the Philippines. The price of onion has been three times more than that of meat and about 25 percent more than that of beef. The Philippines government is worried about the skyrocketing price of onions. Onion is a staple food item in the Philippines. The price of one kilo of red and white onion in the Philippines is equal to 600 pesos, which is about 850 rupees according to India. That is, according to India, one kg of onion is being sold for Rs.850.

This type of information has been given by the Agriculture Department of Manila according to a survey conducted in the market. The price of onions in the Philippines is equal to a full day’s earnings there. Onion is eaten as a staple food in the Philippines. About 1700 metric tons of onions are consumed in the Philippines during a month.

Many reasons behind the rise in prices

According to Time magazine, it is believed that there are many reasons behind the increase in prices, including global inflation, changes in weather. Because of this, the inflation rate in the Philippines has increased by 8.1 percent in the last 14 years and onions are costlier by 0.3 percent. The Agriculture Authority of the country has announced this week that the supply of 22000 tonnes of vegetables should be done by the month of March. Philippines President Bongbong Marcos said about the shortage in supply that he has ordered to reduce the price of onions from 600 pesos to 250 pesos.

middlemen are doing black marketing

“The farm gate price of onions was between 190 pesos and 200 pesos, but middlemen sell onions to vendors for 500 pesos per kilo,” said Christine Evangelista, Philippines Agriculture Assistant Secretary, in a radio interview to The Manila Times.

According to the report, customs officials seized $362,000 worth of red onions from China last month concealed in boxes of bread and pastry products and $309,000 worth of white onions were seized from apparel containers.

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