Pakistani Actress Sajal Aly Reacts After Former Army Officer Claims She Was Used As A Honey Trap

Pakistan News: Pakistan’s retired military officer and former spokesperson Major Adil Raja has created a ruckus by making a disclosure. According to a retired military officer, Pakistan Army officers use the country’s models and actresses as honey traps. He has disclosed this on his YouTube channel.

Adil Raja has claimed on a channel named ‘Soldier Speaks’ that some Pakistani actresses and models are used by General Bajwa and former ISI chief Faiz Hameed as honey traps. During this, Adil Raja has not told the full names of the actresses, although he has revealed the first letter of the name of the actresses.

Sajal Ali reacted

He has mentioned the four letter name in his video. Among them are MH, MK, KK, SA. After which people are trolling Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Kubbra Khan and Sajal Ali on social media. Meanwhile, now Sajal Eli has given his reaction on the whole controversy. Sajal has tweeted that it is very sad that our country is becoming morally degenerate and ugly, it has become common to question the character of any girl here.

kubra khan said bring proof

Actress Kubbra Khan has responded to Adil Raja’s allegation through her Instagram story. Kubbra Khan has also asked Adil Raja to come with evidence to prove his claim in three days. Along with this, the actress has said that she will take legal action against the retired military officer.

The actress has written in her post that I initially kept quiet because obviously the fake video is not going to affect my health. But now it is necessary to answer, otherwise anyone will point a finger and I will remain silent. Kubbra Khan has said that Mr. Adil Raja, before you start accusing people, first bring some evidence.

Not only this, the actress has further said that you have three days for proof, about which you have claimed. If you can’t bring proof, withdraw your statement and apologize publicly. Otherwise I will file a defamation case against you.

Adil Raja gave clarification

Adil Raja has said in his clarification that there are many models and actresses in the whole world including Pakistan by the names I have mentioned. I neither support any name nor condemn any name being taken on social media.

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