Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif Government Asking Help From UAE To Beg For Financial ‘begging’! photo viral on social media

Pakistan Economic Crisis: The Shahbaz government of Pakistan has not yet succeeded in improving the economic condition of the country. The meeting of the International Monetary Fund is over, but Shahbaz’s country does not see any hope of getting the installment of the bailout package soon. However, Pakistan, which is asking for loans all over the world, is once again begging for help from the UAE. Pakistan’s army chief had reached UAE to seek help.

Pictures of the meeting of UAE President Sheikh Mohammed and General Asim Munir in Qasr Al Mushrif are going viral on social media. Let us tell you that earlier also UAE has given a loan of two billion dollars to Pakistan as well as extra time to repay the old loan.

Let us tell you that Pakistan is constantly trying to ask for a loan from the IMF under the bailout package, but even there it is not working. Recently, there has been a decline in Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves. At present, only $ 2.9 million foreign exchange reserves are left with Pakistan, which is enough only for the next few weeks.

up to 50 percent drop

Pakistan is facing economic crisis in every field. A decline of up to 50 percent has been recorded in the income and expenditure of Pakistan’s railways. According to media reports, in the first quarter of the country’s current financial year, the Railways spent Rs 52.99 billion, but the Railways earned only Rs 28.263 billion. Because of this, only last month, railway employees had expressed concern over the delay in disbursement of their salaries and urged the Federal Government to take responsibility and pay them on time.

Expenditure on pension and salary

Pakistan’s Law and State Minister Shahadat Awan had informed that from July to December 2022, the Railways had incurred a loss of about 3 billion. 35 percent of Pakistan’s share was spent on pension and 33 percent on salary, while Pakistan Railways gave only 22 billion. On the other hand, a minister of Balochistan of Pakistan told the loss of railways to be 24 billion. At the same time, the Government of Pakistan informed that they have suffered a loss of 3 billion.

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