Pakistan Safer Country Than India How Can People Trust Gallup Survey Amid Economic Crisis And Inflation

Gallup Survey on Pakistan: Pakistan is currently passing through a period of severe economic crisis. The country’s economy has deteriorated a lot. There is a fear of bankruptcy of the country and common Pakistanis are facing the brunt of skyrocketing inflation. The prices of essential things have increased a lot. Meanwhile, in this survey released last year by Gallup Law and Order Index, Pakistan was placed at number 42 in the list with a score of 82.

It is also difficult for many families to get bread for June 2. There is a huge shortage of foreign exchange reserves in the country. Terrorist violence has become commonplace here. Meanwhile, it is necessary to mention a survey conducted last year, in which Pakistan was described as a safer country than India.

Serious economic crisis in Pakistan

Every country in the world is familiar with the current situation of Pakistan. Apart from the helplessness of the Shahbaz government of Pakistan due to economic crisis, inflation and lack of foreign exchange reserves, the general public is also very upset. TTP terrorists are continuously targeting Pakistani army soldiers to common people, but in last year’s survey of Gallup Law & Order Index, an attempt was made to discredit Pakistan by saying that it is safer than India. While the truth is quite the opposite.

What do the survey results say?

Last year, a survey was published by the Gallup Law and Order Index regarding the safest countries in the world. In this survey, Pakistan was considered a safer country than India. In this survey of Gallup, India is at number 60 in the list of 121 countries. Countries included in the survey were given a score from 1 to 100. Countries scoring more than 80 were considered as safe countries. Singapore topped the list with a score of 96. And Afghanistan remained at the bottom with a score of 51.

Where in the list is Pakistan and India?

In this list of Gallup’s survey, India was kept even below Pakistan. Countries at par with India include Iraq and Sri Lanka. Pakistan got 42nd place in this list with 82 points. Laos, Serbia, Iran and New Zealand also have the same number and ranking as Pakistan. Whereas, India is at number 60 with a score of 80.

Which security in Pakistan?

It is bound to raise questions on this survey of Gallup that what security the study team sees in Pakistan, when TTP members are carrying out terrorist activities everyday. Everyday bomb blasts are happening somewhere in Pakistan. Violence is common. Minorities are not safe. Kidnappings are happening openly. Along with the economic crisis in the country, the political crisis is also continuing. There is a situation of hunger in the country due to inflation. Now the serious question is what kind of security is there in Pakistan?

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