Pakistan Minority Chinese Do Human Trafficking Through CPEC Project

China in Pakistan: The Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects started between China and Pakistan were considered beneficial for Pakistan. These projects were started in the year 2015, but this deal is proving to be a loss deal for Pakistan. Because of this China is taking illegal advantage and Pakistan is keeping silence on this.

Under the favor of this project, Chinese people come to Pakistan comfortably and take the girls of the country to China. In this way Chinese people are doing human trafficking from Pakistan. For the first time, a report came in 2019, quoting the international media, in which it was revealed that Chinese people come to Pakistan and marry minority girls of other religions and take them back to their country.

Human trafficking on the pretext of marriage

Many experts of the world say that the people of China are doing human trafficking on the pretext of marriage. This is also considered easy because Pakistan has to repay the debt of billions of dollars to China. Pakistan is also openly helping China in such things. It has also been revealed in many reports that Chinese people come to Pakistan with fake business documents and take the girls to China after performing false marriages. In lieu of marrying girls, they also give 3500 thousand dollars to 5000 dollars.

Make a minority girl a victim

Because of Sharia law in Pakistan, Chinese people cannot marry Muslim girls. Because of this, he marries a girl of another religion. Quoting a report, an activist has said that 750 to 1000 minority girls are being used for human trafficking in Gujranwala, located in the Punjab province of the country. She is unable to speak because she does not understand the Chinese language. Human traffickers take girls to China and sell them in such villages where there is a decrease in the birth level of children.

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