Pakistan Minister Shazia Marri Defends Atom Bomb Threat To India Says We Are Responsible Nuclear State

Shazia Marri: Pakistan’s minister Shazia Marri threatened India with atom bomb a day ago in support of Bilawal Bhutto. Now he has once again supported the statement of Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto in which he used abusive language against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has tweeted that the Foreign Minister of Pakistan has responded to the provocative comments of the Indian Minister. In the fight against terrorism, Pakistan has given more sacrifices than India.

Along with this, he also said that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state. Earlier, while threatening India, he had said that India should not forget that Pakistan is a nuclear state. Our nuclear status is not meant to remain silent. We will not back down if the need arises.

Shazia Marri’s statement yesterday

Shazia Marri threatened the Government of India and said that if the government will fight, then it will also listen to the answer. The status of a nuclear state that we have got is not kept for keeping silent. Pakistan also knows how to answer. Bilawal Bhutto had recently given a controversial statement regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Uproar over Bilawal’s statement

A few days ago, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto, using indecent language about PM Narendra Modi, said that Osama bin Laden was killed, but the butcher of Gujarat is alive. India also gave a strong reaction regarding this. On this statement of Bilawal in the United Nations, India had said that Pakistan lacks the credibility to attack India and terrorism in Pakistan has to be stopped.

Attacking Pakistan, India said that Pakistan is the country which glorifies Osama bin Laden as a martyr and gives shelter to terrorists like Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar, Sajid Mir and Dawood Ibrahim.

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