Pakistan Man Gulzar Khan Has 36 Children Include With 2 Others Make 100 Children

Pakistani Man 36 Children: Gulzar Khan, 57, living in Bannu city of Pakistan, has 36 children from 3 wives. Apart from this, adding the children of his two more brothers, the total number of children became 100. Such a shocking case came to the fore from Pakistan when the census was conducted there after a long gap of 19 years. In such a situation, it is very strange to have 100 children by mixing three men.

Experts say that the growing population is causing damage to economic benefits and social services. According to World Bank and government statistics, almost three children per woman are born in Pakistan, the highest in all of South Asia. The economic condition of Pakistan is very bad, in such a situation, all these things force one to think a lot.

What does Gulzar Khan say

Gulzar Khan, the father of 36 children of Pakistan, says that everything is in the hands of God. He will fulfill all the needs. If God has created the whole world then how can I stop the birth of children. They believe that only the above will save them from all troubles.

increase in population

Tribal enmity remains a threat in Pakistan’s northwest Bannu. This is where 57-year-old Bannu lives in the city with his third wife, who is also pregnant. He said that his children do not need friends to play cricket matches. He has 23 children who can play. The last census in Pakistan was held in the year 1998, when the population of the country was around 135 million. After the census after 19 years, the figure increased to close to 200 million. Experts believe that the problem has increased due to the boom in population. It has become difficult to get jobs. About 60 million people live below the poverty line in Pakistan.

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